Funding / Contributions

The Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education was established in 1990 as a private 501 (c) (3) non-profit foundation.  Financial support has been solely provided by the Goldin family with contributions from family and friends.  There have been no formal fundraising efforts.  Overhead expenses are minimal, as the effort has been totally volunteer based.  The emphasis has and will be on the Goldin Foundation’s goals and activities of recognizing educators for their contributions in their classrooms, schools, and communities.

The Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education accepts donations, which are tax deductible, to expand its efforts. Additional contributions from sponsors in local communities and others interested in supporting excellence in education are welcome, which will add to the perpetual endowment. 

For school, community, or family groups in other locales who are interested in funding and/or replicating the model, the Goldin Foundation is willing to provide materials and mentoring. (See Contact information)

   A non-profit foundation dedicated to recognizing educators for their outstanding achievements  and contributions in classrooms, schools, and communities.