Reflections of Award Recipients

On Teaching:

“Teaching is not just a job for me, but an important part of my life.” It is an honor to be recognized by colleagues for doing something that is indeed a labor of love.  The ceremony was beautiful, and I felt privileged to be in the company of such extraordinary educators.”   ( award recipient,1998)

“When one works in a field where so many people regularly extend themselves above and beyond the parameters of their job descriptions, it is difficult to consider anything that one does as outstanding.  However, I am honored to be one of the Goldin Award recipients.”   (award recipient, 1998)

"Please know that I am very grateful to be a recipient of the Goldin Foundation’s award for Excellence in Education.   As you predicted, I was overwhelmed by the perceptions of my colleagues. I hope that I am the educator they described; it is who I want to be. Also thank you for giving me the opportunity to think about excellence in education.  We say these words over and over but who really takes the time to opine what they really mean to us?  What a powerful symbol you have created with the foundation’s title” The Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education."                     (award recipient, 2007)

“I think what makes me successful as a teacher is my faith in students and my ability to get them to ask questions about their lives.  They seem to see in me  someone who takes them very seriously  about what he’s doing, but who can retain a sense of humor and perspective about it all.  I hope they think I am a good listener and that I understand the value of mistakes - I don’t judge them for theirs.  I help them to trust their instincts and to figure out what they love to do, and then urge them to find a way to do it.”  (award recipient, 1997)

“Thank you for your tremendous support of education and for giving me the opportunity to share with and learn from others about this great profession of ours.”  ( award recipient, 1994)

“This award means a great deal to me.  It is very affirming and also serves to make me want to do an  even better job.”  (award recipient, 1992)

"I did not initially train to become an educator, instead I majored in studio art in college and worked several years before deciding to “redirect” myself and pursue education. I come from a family of teacher. It’s my history [and] also my future. I see a lot in these kids. Teaching is about the children, first and foremost;” each child should be celebrated as an individual student and person and made to feel comfortable in a strong classroom community."  (award recipient, 2003)


"I studied art before deciding to become a teacher.  My first year of teaching at a small parochial school outside New Orleans was—to say the least—a difficult one. It took only a few before I realized that teaching was in my “true calling,” and I have been an educator now for twenty-two years. Teaching is a lot like art. I find that it’s very creative, it’s being able to collaborate with some extremely bright colleagues. I feel very fortunate to be in Brookline in particular.”  (award recipient, 2004)

Educators Forum:

"I really enjoyed the awards ceremony. It was such a celebration of teaching.  Thank you for providing a forum that recognizes all that goes on each day as we work to maximize the potential of all the young people we work with.   I really enjoyed your visit to my classroom and our conversation.  It is seldom we have the chance to reflect on what we do."  (award recipient, 2007)

“I find the Educators Forum so inspiring and valuable, because not only does it honor excellent educators, but it centers me and reminds me why I do what I do.” (Needham elementary principal, 1998)

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed being part of the Goldin Foundation Awards for Excellence in Education ceremony this past week.  You and your family have made an extraordinary contribution to education by acknowledging the work of individuals in the TEC school systems.”   (Superintendent of Schools, 1994)

“It was very inspiring  to be included in the company of such outstanding teachers at the Educators Forum.  It was both refreshing and interesting to hear their stories.  I learned so much from listening to them.”  (award recipient, 1999)

“Meeting other winners and learning about the inspirational projects that are happening in our classrooms was uplifting.  The whole evening was truly impressive.  It was also wonderful having family, administrators, colleagues ,and friends there to share this special evening with me.”  (award recipient, 1991)

"The Goldin Award was a great honor, and the Educators Forum a very special evening.  I was so happy that I could share it with so many friends and family members.  Your award night gives us the opportunity to celebrate all that is great about education." (award recipient, 2003)

"The dessert reception was such a special evening, not only a time to “glow in the lime-light,” but a time to hear and appreciate what other fellow educators are doing in their classrooms. Knowing that the hard work we do each day is recognized is a reward in and of itself; the cash award was an added bonus."  (award recipient ,2005)

The Foundation

"Thank you for each award you’ve so generously given, for each mile you’ve traveled to do so, and for bringing people together to celebrate our glorious profession.  What you do is touching so many people’s lives.  With much appreciation of you and your foundation.         (award recipient, 2007)                              

I’d like to express my thank you and deep appreciation for your commitment to teachers and public education.  Your passion and kindness are so very heartfelt- the six of us who received recognition from your foundation are especially fortunate.  It is rare to be singled out and understood in the thoughtful way you do. I look forward to continuing my association with you."………………            (award recipient,  2007)

"I am both honored and humbled to have been selected as a recipient of the Goldin Foundation Excellence in Education award for 2006-07.  It is a privilege to be counted among so many accomplished educators.   I thank you for not only the award itself, but also for the work of the Goldin Foundation in recognizing, supporting, and encouraging educators and our profession.  I am eagerly looking forward to both your classroom visit and the awards reception."  (award recipient, 2007)

The foundation provides an opportunity for us to congratulate, motivate, and inspire.  Having attended the Educators Forum in the past, I am especially honored to be numbered among some of the finest educators in the TEC communities.” (award recipient, 2000)

“Did I ever begin to think that I would receive such an honor and especially by my peers.   No one person could have asked for more.  To be among the best and recognized, I shall never forget.”  (award recipient, 2000)

“Not only does the Goldin Foundation program support excellence in education in a large philosophical way, but it is very meaningful and  touching on a person to person level as well.”  (award recipient, 1999)

“It is the morning after receiving  the Goldin Foundation Award for Excellence in Education, and we are still dazed.  And our colleagues that nominated us....WOW! To be selected by such an elite group of educators both humbles us and makes us proud.  And after meeting the other recipients, and hearing some of the names of past winners, we are deeply honored to be among them.”  (team of award recipients, 1994)

“Thank you for the marvelous morale boost. Perhaps the Governor and the Great and General Court should know public school teachers are valuable.”   (award recipient, 1992)

“Everyone was so gracious and so genuine in their congratulations that I truly felt the appreciation of my profession as I never have before.  The celebration  for all of us in education whenever one of us is honored is a joy we should share more often.”   (award recipient, 1991)

"I am especially impressed that two individuals can make such a commitment to educators in their own community,  Think globally, act locally epitomize your efforts." (award recipient, 2002)

"Thank you for honoring me.  Thank you, too, for the monetary reward which is being set aside for special things.  Your honoring of educators is unique.  Yes, the Oscars of education, and I am honored to be included in the list.  Thank you for your recognition of a profession so important to society."  (award recipient, 2003)

"There are too few opportunities in education to acknowledge and celebrate what we do, so your work is all the more important and appreciated."  (award recipient, 2003)

"Being recognized by my peers is both the height of humility and the pinnacle of pride. Thank you for making this opportunity for us educators." (award recipient 2004)


"It's the most wonderful time of the year…..” As I begin this letter of nomination in the month of December, I couldn’t resist the quote because the Goldin Award for excellence in Education is an exciting time of year for all educators who receive so little praise and

acknowledgement for the momentous job they do daily.  Thank you for the opportunity to nominate a fellow colleague for this honor and recognition."  (nominator, 2004)

"I also want to express my personal appreciation for everything the Goldin Foundation is doing to recognize excellence in the education field.  I commend you for making a difference and helping to boost public attitudes of the profession by highlighting the many positives." (Principal of participating school system, 2005)

Being included in a very talented and professional group of educators was certainly the highlight of my career as as a teacher.  I am honored to be chosen as one of this year’s recipients.  My family, co-teachers and friends were all moved and inspired by all of the speakers that evening. (award recipient, 2005)

"I just want you to know how thrilled I am to be one of the recipients for this special award.  I think back on all the educators that I know, who have received this honor, and know that I am in the company of excellence.  Thank you! "  (award recipient, 2005)


"Thank you so much for your generosity in providing the events and funding for the Goldin Foundation.  I was greatly honored to receive an award this year, especially after hearing about the other winners and realizing that I was in elite company.  It is lovely to receive affirmation that effort expended in teaching is seen as providing real value and usefulness for my students and fellow teachers.  I think I told you that teaching is a career change for me and on that I am passionate about.  I feel that the Goldin Foundation award is a tangible sign that I made a good decision.  (award recipient, 2007)……

“The accomplishments of this year’s recipients were awesome.  You have unmasked and showcased so much talent over these past ten years.  I am privileged to be part of this distinguished group of educators.”  (past award recipient at 10th Year Anniversary, 2000)

“We applaud your idea of rewarding ‘a tangible product or project that has had a successful impact on others.’    Our new project has involved teachers working with cooperation with students and community members. We here at Westwood High have been welcome recipients of your recognition.  Thank you.” (team of award recipients, 1994)

“It is a wonderful exercise to take time out of the  hectic school day to focus on the contributions of individual staff members.  Our school is enriched daily by so many excellent and dedicated teachers.  We appreciate the opportunity to apply for the Goldin Foundation Excellence in Education Award  and commend you for your commitment to public education.”  (nominator, 1991)

“Because Goldin believes, “It takes a village,” recipients do not have to be classroom teachers.   What is key is that recipients are ‘worthy models,’ she said.  She reminisced about the year a Westwood High School team of teachers and students received recognition for its Student/Teacher Governance Program which has its own constitution and legislative council.”  (newspaper article, 2001)

"I just want you to know how thrilled I am to be one of the candidates for this special award.  I think back on all the educators that I know, who have received this honor, and know that I am in the company of excellence." ( award recipient, 2005)

Advisory Board

"Thank you for a lovely evening -- and the wonderful work you are doing with your foundation!  It is inspiring to see people celebrating excellence in education!
Thank you for giving me the honor of participating."  (Advisory Board member, 2007)

I would like to thank you for all the energy, time, and resources that you have put into the recognition of teachers through the Goldin Foundation.  I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Advisory Board, and I'm looking forward to being a part of it again next year." (Advisory Board member, 2003)

"I had a lovely time at our Fall meeting.  As always very productive, thoughtful and informative. Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve." (Advisory Board member, 2005)

"Thank you for having the vision to create this wonderful venue for educators to talk about their work. I always come away from the Teacher Forum inspired! I'm looking forward to participating again next year." (Advisory Board member, 2005)

"Thanks to you for putting thought into action. As the teachers pointed out, there are so few opportunities to recognize excellence in the teaching profession and aside from the thanks we get from our students and their parents, peer recognition is vital."  (Advisory Board member, 2005)


I am a firm believer that we need to share with others what we receive  I was so happy to share my award with some incredible teachers in New Orleans, who have withstood so many challenges since Katrina.  It meant so much to them for all they have achieved in face of so much.  Please include me as one willing to consult with others especially regarding community service outreach and geography. (award recipient, 2007)                      

I wish to thank you and the Goldin Foundation for this wonderful honor!  I must say that I’ve been on cloud 9 since the Forum.  This award has reinvigorated me to work even harder for the children in my class.  I so appreciate the recognition.    (award recipient, 2007)

"I am extremely grateful for the nomination and for the positive award decision of your board, particularly because education is a second career for me.  Looking forward to more years of service to the children of my community, I see the Goldin Foundation recognition standing as a continued impetus to give my best efforts to my teaching.  (award recipient, 2007)

“I sent my award to my daughter who is beginning her graduate school career at Teachers College at Columbia.  She will become an Art History/Studio Art Teacher at the college level - a third generation teacher.”  (award recipient, 1999)

“I am most impressed with the entire concept of the Goldin Award.  It has given me, personally, inspiration to continue to improve myself as a teacher, and in general,  has created an atmosphere of creativity and grass-roots recognition to the average classroom teacher whose job is so important but often is forgotten or downplayed.” (award recipient, 1992)

“ The award will also definitely inspire me in the  future to live up to the high standards that the Goldin Foundation has embodied in this award. You were probably unaware that my former student teacher was present for the ceremony.   I know that she has internalized many of the values and standards and has already begun to incorporate them into her teaching.   Thus, the influence of your thoughtful and generous act has already begun to spread to the next generation of teachers.”  (award recipient, 1991)

“My hope is that the Foundation will not only encourage and support excellence but will also serve as a catalyst to bring more young men and women into teaching.”  (award recipient, 1992)

" I will push for an education system which focuses more on the acquisition of knowledge for problem solving and adapting to change, a system which engages all of its students in active learning."  (award recipient, 1997)

"Thank you such for your wonderful generosity.  Being selected to receive the Goldin award was the highlight of my 30+ years in education. I personally plan on staying involved in education in my "retirement" by volunteering in the Boston schools." (award recipient, 2002


Twice each year in order to gain the required 45 hours of in-service credit in my field of music, I must attend the Texas Bandmasters' Assn. and Texas Orchestra Directors' Assn. annual clinics in San Antonio during the last week of July. The educational

benefits are enormous, but the hotel costs are usually a major budget problem. Thanks to the Goldin prize, however, this summer will be different, and so you are in my thoughts. I thank you again for both the award and the considerable honor, which still

humbles me.”  (award recipient, 2005)