Excellence in Education Awards

Award Criteria

The award is designed to recognize excellence, expertise, and demonstrable achievement in education.  Criteria for this award correspond closely to the Foundationís belief that educators play a vital role in society supporting young peopleís growth and preparing them to be adaptable, flexible, creative, and responsive to future societal changes.

Criteria used in the selection process are:

  1. Demonstrated excellence in education with a tangible product, process, and/or project that has had a successful impact on others.

  2. Evidence of commitment to the growth of young people: respecting individual needs and talents, fostering self esteem, and encouraging realization of individual potential.

  3. Evidence of outstanding personal and character attributes: setting high expectations for personal achievements and students' achievements, demonstrating leadership, and acting as a catalyst for others.

  4. Implementation of a creative and innovative approach that has made a difference in one's classroom and school.

  5. Service as an exemplary model for students, peers, and/or parents and the community.



Any person or group working directly with students, teachers, other support staff within the school setting or in the community is eligible to apply.  Eligibility requires participation within the previous school year.

Participants may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • certified classroom teachers

  • administrators

  • guidance counselors

  • school specialists

  • school nurses

  • part-time teachers

  • substitute teachers

  • teachers' aides

  • parents

  • representatives of the community

Areas of participation may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Enriching innovative programs in the classroom, school, or community

  • Engaging in professional growth

  • Establishing programs for other educators

  • Designing programs that focus on special populations

  • Developing initiatives for collaboration between the schools and parents or members of the community