Above and Beyond:  Excellence in Education

“an illuminating and inspiring celebration of more than twenty talented educators recognized by their peers for excellence and the creative ideas that motivate and vitalize their students” (Booksurge Publishing)



Above and Beyond: Excellence in Education, by Harriet Goldin of The Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education, speaks to the dramatic need for improving education in the United States. With so much focus on what is wrong, Goldin reminds us in page after page what is right, creative, and inspiring. These first-hand stories recount the exciting projects and inventiveness of deeply committed and talented educators, all of whom have been publicly recognized by their peers for excellence in their classrooms, schools, and communities. What did these educators do that sets them apart? How did they arrive at their ideas and then implement them? Whether readers reflect upon the wonder of learning, creative problem solving, or the needs of the child, everyone from student to parent to veteran educator will appreciate the creativity, the daring, and the passion of these outstanding educators and perhaps take a closer look at their own potential for excellence.      

                        Reflections of the Reader

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Back Cover Text

Above and Beyond: Excellence in Education, by Harriet Goldin, is an inspiring reminder of the power of teaching and the unlimited creative ideas available to all teachers. We meet more than twenty men and women, impassioned and dedicated educators who share with us the projects and directions that not only have motivated and increased the learning capability of their students, but have sent energy beyond the classroom and into the community.

The role of the educator is very challenging and demanding. It is also a role that affords immeasurable satisfaction. Harriet Goldin is to be commended for editing this very impressive book. She has skillfully gathered the insights of educators as they share with clarity and passion the ways in which they reach not only the minds but also the hearts and spirits of their students. The words of these gifted educators will provide guideposts and inspiration for all teachers, encouraging creativity and love of their profession. I believe that Above and Beyond: Excellence in Education will serve as a major resource in the field of education, to be read and re-read on numerous occasions.

Dr. Robert Brooks, Faculty, Harvard Medical School, author of The Self-Esteem Teacher and co-author of Raising Resilient Children.

Harriet Goldin has taught and consulted at all levels, kindergarten through college. She was Director of Career and Instructional Development for The Education Cooperative, a collaborative of fourteen school systems in metro-west Boston. In 1989, she established The Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education, which encourages recognizing the “unsung heroes” who have made outstanding contributions in their classrooms, schools, and communities. The foundation is dedicated to validating educators, sharing best practices, attracting new teachers, and retaining quality teachers.




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Above and Beyond: Excellence in Education, paperback, will be available in May, 2010 and can be purchased at the following sites:

Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education, 85 Grove Street #408, Wellesley, MA 02482  (For a signed copy, include message and check made out to Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education  for $21, which includes shipping.) For more information, contact Harriet Goldin. harriet.k.goldin@gmail.com

Amazon: www.amazon.com The cost is $18 and does not include shipping and handling fees.  All proceeds  will go the endowment of the Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education in order to perpetuate its program of recognizing  educators for their outstanding contributions in classrooms, schools, and communities.